Is CBD oil worth trying?

I recurring adult acne, and have tried it all, even recently ivermectin cream which helped a bit. But nothing completely helps, I always get breakouts.

This person I know has a skin allergy and gets psoriasis type reaction on hands and when they apply the CBD oil on it gets better, reduces inflammation dramatically

I was wondering if it's worth to try this on my face?


  • This isn't to say that CBD oil is a cure for acne, of course, but CBD oil helps prevent acne, and that is a big deal." CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, is a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. The oil contains compounds that fight acne and diminish the inflammation caused by pimples. You can read more on When I was 16, I had minor acne. After I started to consume CBD oil, it began to disappear. So, I think that it can help you to get rid of it.
  • Have any of you tried CBD oil, and if so, what effects have you seen?
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    Of course, we have been supplying marijuana for many years for medical purposes. There are many uses, such as chewing gum, but CBD oil is the most common. Some may find that taking CBD helps them sleep more peacefully, while others find it eases nervousness or anxiety. Based on years of experience, there are no negative reviews, so you can safely try them if you have problems with nervous system disorders. Now that point-of-sale software has been created, explicit use of the platform provides value to everyone in the cannabis supply chain.
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