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This is a companion post to my “Different Flavor Should I Time the Market” post. It isn’t intended as a medical post, but of necessity will contain medical information so responders will have adequate information to formulate their responses…

DW, age 70. Massive stroke to left brain.
….. Paralyzed on right side.
….. Comprehends everything around her and everything spoken to her (I think), but is unable to speak to respond.
….. Unable to swallow. All nutrition comes through a PEG tube in her stomach. Don’t know if this will be permanent, but assuming worst case.
….. Currently on catheter and wearing diapers. Don’t know if this will be permanent, but assuming worst case.

The financial questions…

We live in MI, but I’d like to move her to TX to be near her daughter and grandchildren. I see on the Internet there are companies that will perform the transport for me, but I have no idea of the cost. Can anyone help me here?

Given her medical conditions noted above I’d like to care for her at home, but have no idea of the kinds of help (nurse? aides? whoever?) I would need to hire, how many, or how much it would cost. Can anyone help me here?


  • This is one of those problematic situations. Thank God I'm not going through this, but I also have experience with some caregivers. I am taking care of my mother at the moment. She can move, but she needs moral support and a companion. My father died three years ago, and she still misses him. Sometimes this loneliness kills you. When I have the opportunity, I come to her for a week; when I have my business, I turn to palm beach home care assistance. They are very receptive and find you the caregiver who will interact best with the person they will care for, according to their interests and values.
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