Letters To Andy

Of course what's nicer about the ceasing of banging your head into a brick wall is the bangingless banging. banging into a wall while not banging into a wall. Lumpless lumps. bleedingless bleeding. Actionless action. Very Taoist. or is it taoistless taoistest. And that's not just for brick. It's the same for concrete, sheetrock, wood, steel, fiberwood, you name it. :wink:


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    Recent discussions on knowing yourself, and on social isolation stirred up some thoughts. Alas, I love the 'sound' of my mind thinking... it's great company. :)

    What 'should' I do?
    The word 'should' is a loaded notion. In my talks with Andy I guess he never laid the should word on me, so I never addressed it. It has cropped up recently a few times so I'm adding a letter on 'should' in Letters to Andy. Mmm, I must ask Andy why he's never 'should-ed' me. Is that a word we use less as we age?
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