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Hello all, this will be my first post here, I've been interested in the Naval Academy since February of last year, for a multitude of reasons that others before me have had, but another reason that I believe is special to me. The Cyber Operations Major.

Since November last year, I decided upon taking an IT Security class, that would cover a plethora of curriculum from the general call center and help desk, System Administration via Linux, Network Technician and Hardware Technician, to lastly Security Analyst and IT Security Specialist. However, the only way to actually apply to these jobs is to be certified. This class offers a variety of dual credits that would get me one-third of the way to a Bachelors in IT, I haven't taken any in lieu of USNA where the credits would not transfer. The class provides me with more leadership positions, where I will be president of the CTSO next year, as currently, I sit as an officer, only Second Years (seniors) hold the president seat. The main appeal of the class is the certifications...

I'm currently at the top of the class at this trade school, with three certifications in just the first semester alone, CompTIA A+, Testout Linux Pro, and Testout PC Pro. The closest person to me (the class as a whole) only has the PC Pro which is the easiest of the Certifications. I am currently working upon Testout Network Pro and CompTIA Network+, will be working on CompTIA Linux+ and Redhat Certified Systems Administrator by the end of this next semester. I will mainly focus on getting CompTIA Security+, CYSA+, and Cisco CCNA Security or Cyber OPs by the time of my application and congressional recommendation, so summer will be packed for. Most of these certs are highly respected certifications, taken by industry professionals with years of experience, I am hoping that these added to my name will sway my admission as my work ethic will be accurately reflected through these certs as 16 and 17-year-old taking certs expected of 25-year-olds with degrees and years of work.

I will be retaking the SAT and ACT after getting an 1130 and 26, I have many leadership positions as a camp counselor at a boy scout camp, peer facilitator, mentor officer, CTSO officer, and countless hours of volunteer work at my local church. I regularly do PT in my garage as I played football prior to my joining the trade school and wish to do it again at USNA.

My main priority is these certs, I was asking for all of your opinion's on this strategy. I understand USNA and all SAs look for Varsity Athletes, leadership, and Academics but I am hoping that my cause is peculiar enough for an appointment, I have the academics, I have the Leadership, I have the fitness but I need your own opinions if I am different than the others. I realize this is a hasty guess on my behalf to assume USNA will care at all about these certifications, but I believe it's worth mentioning that CompTIA and Cisco follow DoD approved 8750 baseline certs. I am fully prepared to not receive the appointment and will enlist promptly after as Information Systems Technician, where my schooling will be nearly identical to that of my own, as we cover virtually the same curriculum, the source being a former student now an E-5 on a sub. So I would very much appreciate your opinions if I will stand a chance with USNA admissions, and maybe some other recommendations to make mine a little bit better. Thank you for your time!


  • "From my point of view, trade schools are underrated. One of my friends graduated from a trade school in Alabama, and he was amazed by the stuff they teach over there. They actually prepare their students for their future job. People gain a lot of practical experience there. You can find some pretty great trade schools online depending on where you live. The amount of options on this page is quite abundant. Now if I could only pick a profession, lol.
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    You can find some pretty great trade schools online depending on where you live.
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