lockdown & football betting

had issues with gambling for years but really taken steps in the last few years to cut off avenues like banning from all casinos and stuff like that

i have been doing well to be honest had a couple of blips this year but managed to work through all of them but jesus these lockdowns are destroying my mental strength

i am finding it really difficult to motivate myself to do anything other than watch & bet on football at the moment

ive been punting and watching games pretty much since friday evening and done about £120 quid in not mega money but definitely more than just a bit of fun its doing my head in and now ive just cancelled all my sport subscriptions because i am just sick of watching & trying to predict outcomes

need to find something more productive to do with my time than shouting at players and refs on the tv

this f***g tory government though w*f are they doing the country is in one hell of a mess for this virus thats been massively over exaggerated people are losing their minds in these lockdowns and their livlihoods nobody wants them !


  • I feel your pain. Two years ago, I had a huge gambling addiction. Literally, I put every cent I got in online casinos to spin more and more. My escape from this disaster was video games. Hearthstone saved my money and my life, it is a card video game from Blizzard, with similar RNG mechanics, but you don't need real money to play. When I feel obsessed with gambling syndromes, I can make few football bets, but I am setting my budget first to 100$-200$ monthly. While making my bets, I always use the https://cornellsportsbusiness.org website for good betting tips, so my bank usually raises 50-100$ every month.
  • I can understand your pain. But mate, everyone has experienced this lockdown, and if you can't pass through it, it means there is a problem in you. So please don't blame the government. I understand your struggle, but honestly speaking, this pandemic opened a lot of opportunities. When the pandemic began, I created a business in e-commerce. I also started to play in online casinos, sometimes on the https://holdemtour.com platform. So mate, there are also opportunities, so start doing something instead of blaming everyone. I've just shared my opinion, didn't want to offend you in any way.
  • Yes, I'm sick of this damn virus too.
  • I understand how this virus started, the economy and everything in a row to go to hell. During the virus period, I started to get involved in gambling, and it was not very good because at first, I lost a lot of money on judi online, but then luck turned in my favor. Having figured out how the whole scheme of games works, I slowly began to return the lost money to myself. But I need to get rid of this shoddy habit. Excitement is, perhaps, one of the most contradictory traits of human nature. On the one hand, it is uninteresting to live without excitement; on the other hand, excitement can adversely affect a person's life.
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