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Mrs WmA has been receiving FB notifications that somebody has logged on to her facebook account from an unexpected location. Her account is locked until she changes her password. This is the genuine biz from the look of it, not some phishing thing. This has been a daily occurrence for a while. For instance, this w/e we were in Edinburgh and neither of us had PCs (just Android phones) and she got a notice that somebody using Chrome on Windows had logged in at 04:00. She dutifully changes her password but it doesn't seen to help. She also had a notice that she had been banned from tagging people a couple of weeks ago which made no sense since she has no recollection of ever having tagged anybody ever (unusual but true). But then I spotted a post, supposedly from her with loads of people tagged that neither of us knew, advertising some bizarre fat-fighting product. Soon after, the 'change your password' notification arrived.

So what's happening? She's tried all sorts of passwords, including some really tough ones, but it doesn't seem to help. We've scanned all our devices with more virus checkers than you can shake a stick at. Is there a brute-force-password-cracking-bot with a grudge on her case?


  • It would be easy to hack Facebook's algorithm for filtering posts, for example, so that the posts from people you know are always at the top of your feed. Or, if you are a little younger than most people on Facebook, maybe it would be possible to hack the way their filter works so that every time you log in, your news feed would start with all the birthday greetings from your mother's friends. If you need a consultation with a good hacker, you can contact this hack service provider. These guys are the best for me because they helped to hack a lot of accounts.
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