There is no Greater Mystery Than This

That scene where Carl says 'What do i mean by integrity?' looked so cooked up. They added drama with Luke saying 'Clarify it for me! Is it that you dont want us to go?' FOX made it look like he felt liberated for the first time!....Carl says 'You're not old enough' Adding '18,28,38,58,68,78 is not old enough' Did you see how the camera made Luke & Kyle look so terrified? As if they will be home until they are 78 years kinda thing.......


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    There is no greater mystery than this, that being the reality yourself, you seek to gain reality.

    You think there is something binding your reality and that something must be destroyed before the reality is freed. This is ridiculous.

    A day will dawn when you will laugh at all your efforts. What is there to realize? The real is always as it is.

    You have realized the unreal, in other words, you regard the unreal as that which is real. Give up this attitude and you will attain wisdom.

    There is nothing new nor anything you do not already have which needs to be gained. The feeling that you have not yet realized is the sole obstruction to realization.

    In fact, you are already free. If it were not so, the realization would be new. If it has not existed so far, it must take place hereafter. What comes will also go, what can be gained can also be lost.

    If realization is not eternal it is not worth having. Therefore what you seek is not that which must happen afresh. It is only that which is eternal, but not now known due to obstruction.

    Remove the obstruction. That which is eternal is not known to be so because of ignorance. Ignorance is the obstruction. Get over the ignorance and all will be well.

    The ignorance is identical with the 'I-thought'. Find its source and it will vanish. Then the Self alone will shine as it always has, in the stillness of being.
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    'reality' is about as real as 'reality tv'...
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    8) say that when youre ship comes in, first man takes the sail, second takes the after deck, the third the planks and rails. Whats the point to calling shots this cue aint straight in line. Cueballs made of styrofoam and no ones got the TIME.
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    per your sig line: some learn they LIKE to suffer...
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